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just reposting these so they'll be under this journal

just comment here to be added and feel free to pick any icons of mine that you want to use in turn
[personal profile] syrup @ [community profile] cumshaw

[personal profile] miha @ [community profile] frappe

[personal profile] bokukko @ [community profile] emigrate

[personal profile] touwa [personal profile] allegory[personal profile] zone @ [community profile] megare

[personal profile] claudio @ [community profile] davesass

[personal profile] dollars @ [community profile] sugarplums

[personal profile] fiones @ [community profile] cinnamonrolls

[personal profile] ysl @ [community profile] kyurem

[personal profile] drapion

[personal profile] kues @ [community profile] lixaxil

[personal profile] sarajayechan @ [community profile] fireandwind

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kues: (mukuro » with sharp precision)

[personal profile] kues 2015-02-05 02:08 pm (UTC)(link)
IF YOU'RE STILL UPDATING THIS WHY NOT..................I'm at [community profile] lixaxil

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i completely forgot about this and this entry is still connected to my old acocunt so i dont get notifs on this but i finally added you
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no problem o/ ty
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[community profile] fireandwind
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added you!