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420 ยป ensemble stars!, love live!!, show by rock!!

so many exclamation marks...
let me know if there's an enstars boy you'll like icons of next, maybe they'll be in the next post
or tell me your favorite sif set and i'll try to icon that too
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I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS i know what i'm going to do when i wake up... mass upload a bunch of them to my dreamwidth acc... and hmmm as far as favorite llsif sets to icon, how about february/valentines v1? :o i love their idolized outfits in those cards so much, and your icons of the sif cards look so pretty aaaaa the background colors are perfect for them!!
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[personal profile] alles 2016-12-26 01:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Snatched a few idol boys for future use, thanks!
What about Taisho Roman set? Best LLSIF set in my humble opinion.
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ill snag a couple, thank you for your hard work!!
how about some yuzuru icons? he's so underrated ;__;